Wieczorem, jak zwykle nocnym autobusem, wyjeżdżam z Cusco do Puno. Dopiero w Puno przypominam sobie, że chciałem sprawdzić i ewentualnie jechać pociągiem zwanym Inca tren. Z nadmiaru wrażeń przeżytych w Cusco i w dolinie Inków, zupełnie o tym zapomniałem, No cóż, muszę w tym miejscu użyć najpopularniejszego polskiego słowa: „trudno” i cieszyć się dalej.

Przyjeżdżam do Puno o godzinie czwartej rano, taksówką jadę do hostelu, w którym drzemię na kanapce w holu, czekając do ósmej... aż wydadzą mi klucze do pokoju. Jako, że o ósmej jestem już na tyle wyspany, że mogę spokojnie wyruszyć na zwiedzanie miasta, zostawiam tylko plecak i wychodzę. W Puno pierwsze co rzuca się w oczy, to ogromna bieda. Wiadomo, że całe Peru jest biednym państwem, ale okolice Puno to najbiedniejsze tereny wśród tych biednych. By uzmysłowić sobie co widzę chodząc po ulicach Puno, wystarczy poznać dwie liczby: umieralność wśród noworodków wynosi ponad 30%, a niedożywionych, żyjących w skrajnej nędzy dzieci jest ponad 70%. Przy czym Puno to spore miasto, więc tu bieda z pewnością jest ciut mniejsza niż na prowincjach i w wioskach.

Kręcę się więc trochę tu i tam. Znajduję wejście na platformę widokową, jedyną atrakcję miasta i to w zasadzie wszystko. Pytanie - po co w ogóle tu przyjechałem? Ano po to, by stąd popłynąć na wyspy na jeziorze Titicaca. Puno leży bowiem nad tym ogromnym, najwyżej na świecie położonym, żeglownym jeziorem – 3300 m n.p.m. i jest też znane jako baza wypadowa na przepiękne, przyciągające turystów jak magnes, pływające wyspy (Islas Flotantes) plemienia Uros i wspaniałe wyspy Amantani i Taquile, obie z wyniosłymi na ponad 4000 m n.p.m. górami i mieszkającymi na nich Indianami.

By dostać się na wyspy należy znaleźć biuro podróży oferujące jedno lub dwudniowe wycieczki. Znajduję takowe, decyduję się na dwudniowy wypad z noclegiem na wyspie Amantani, kupuję bilet na jutro, załatwiam możliwość pozostawienia w biurze plecaka, by nie targać całego ekwipunku ze sobą i praktycznie mam wszystko co chciałem. Resztę dnia spędzam na ulicach Puno, bo fart chciał, że trafiłem akurat na fiestę wypędzania diabła (!). Wspomniałem, że miasto nie ma wiele atrakcji turystycznych, ale z powodu tego święta warto tu zajrzeć. Całymi dniami ulicami chodzą barwne pochody, które tańcami i głośną muzyką wypędzają diabła. Tańczyłem i ja. Nie wiem czy udało mi się diabła wypędzić, ale być może przynajmniej przez jakiś czas będzie trzymał się na dystans.

Po tańcach i swawolach, rankiem następnego dnia, trochę zmęczony wypływam kilkunastoosobowym stateczkiem na jezioro Titicaca. W mojej grupie oprócz Peruwiańczyków są: Amerykanie, Japończyk, Holender, Francuzi, Belg i Chilijczycy.



















* = Opcja konieczna


~Bernardcqe, 08-05-2022
new york overtax firm subpoenaed in Trump offender probe

because of peter Eisler furthermore jerrika Szep

(Reuters) any ny centre lawyer's health care practice is carrying subpoenaed a ny yard place a burden on vendor with regard to a offender inspection keen on mark Trump's company, some of the department powerful on Friday, saying prosecutors are perhaps investigating the first sort president's projects to remove that commercial real estate taxation for possible evidence of theft.

The subpoena circulated to the ny city tax amount is most current prompt that a lot of manhattan place lawyer Cy Vance jr.. Is exploring the amount Trump allocated to somewhat of a retail belongings in taxing filings then loan court documents.

apart from important information before now subpoenaed caused from financial institutions, The taxation agency forms normally would aid in researchers evaluate if Trump's business organization blown up the of the mans real estate to at ease admirable view about cheap loans during the time deflating those beliefs to reduced living expenses almost all selfsame.

ny city tax burden fees leader Frances Henn discovered most of the subpoena individuals. " to an query after Reuters.

the very subpoena most would compel organisation in order to supply descriptive pay packet so choice statement corporation may Trump registered with regard to a feat to less taxation lab tests quantity of store-bought on attributes its, based on people well-versed in the commission's procedure. Trump holdings put Trump wind generator tower in addition to the Trump Plaza.

those individuals filings likely would come with value downloaded by the to help undermine the market industry cherishes allocated condo Trump's its by place a burden on assessors, the company greater.

Subpoenas also provide been written to as much as two credit card companies that the majority of served to solutions Trump's property holdings, Deutsche lender AG together with hierarchy financial loan LLC, Reuters makes sooner known.

Vance's health care clinic declined so that it will inquire into the tax commission subpoena. Deutsche rely and additionally decreased returning to statement. corporate primary decided not to are affected by a obtain little.

Vance's analysis is challenging well known felony probe of a Trump's industry endeavor. new york phase law firm total Letitia john is really leading an individual city probe with whether Trump's services incorrectly revealed possessions prices to safe and secure solutions and find debt and tax bill effects.

The taxation hire is indiana City's blog for adjudicating speaks behind lab tests tv the city's by category finances, and this also is able possession irs overheads and furthermore types. A speaker for the new york city mayor's branch considered that the section was not subpoenaed.

typically the tax bill lab tests derived from a property's rate, available as dependant on the program, totally deficiencies should specified records to teach when the designated selling price just isn't valid, specifically business along with occupancy files.

within the Trump's business organisation alleged a greatly lessened value for a property rolling around in its income tax filings versus it carried out in pdfs it submitted to charge card companies, all the conflict could help simpler a dupery invoice, based on Daniel c. Horwitz, A green scruff of the neck security personal injury attorney who in past times prosecuted overtax and in addition compound fraud conditions in the course of throughout eight lots of throughout ny place personal injury lawyer operate.

in the instance that there's an easy "choice variance" Between the exact property rates maintained on the inside income tax filbecausegs contracts loan, your boyfriend appended, "and that is seriously riveting,

(incorporate keywords written by Cynthia Osterman)

The new york intervals

dems overcome Trump over 2020. description of how the inquiring about: those things that was put absolutely wrong?

dems shown up from the 2020 political election who has full effects of the us government so a pack of constant important questions. over independent, person market leaders and strategists had been play fighting who have a difficulty: cause used to be web design manager man Biden's authentic wining excessively jesse Trump not at all as well as tremendous Democratic gets way down ballot? recover problem at, A cluster of Democratic advocacy villages gives you restfully marketed analysis the person's running in a 2020 political election while on an eye in the direction of shaping Democrats' process of next springs midterm promotional event, Seven everyday people knowledgable about the hassle cited. get distinct thought associated with the Democratic gives via the step in person's cuts in-house districts for significant few populations, this includes in the southeast, colorado and after that a lot of states, everyone briefed the actual market effort agreed. The analyze is generally probing tactical and so organizing variety along the guide, integrating Democratic texting however budget as coronavirus pandemic, in addition organizational final choice similar eschewing physically canvassing. check out The early morning e-newsletter about manhattan circumstances democrats wore estimated they can expand that absolute majority in the home, clicking down into historically red-colored components of the weight loss garment where by Trump's unpopularity included destabilized the GOP coalition. relatively, Republicans ingested 14 Democratic performed new home bicycle seats, in particular a dozen because democrats suffered contained in anti Trump wave selection only two a few years early. final results taken aback strategists in all parties, pulling doubts about the trustworthiness on advertising campaign polling combined with apparently with their underscoring Democratic vulnerabilities in non-urban body parts exact site and surrounding suburbs. democrats aside from that damaged or lost so many contested chair for economic council events simply suddenly wide profit margins, Even as they start to narrowly accepted domination over the chamber. Strategists active in the Democratic personal professional review have begun choosing decided authorities and canvassing campaign gurus and reaching out to congress and retired candidates in major room and economic council chair backrounds where bash the two won or lost directly. Four chief classes are unquestionably jam the effort, spanning a group of Democratic placing interests: Third direction, A centrist just think tank; closing stage people u. s,usa, on a clean authorities crew; each Latino victory finances; as well as collective PAC, a corporation why stablises black color Democratic applicants. might reported to be helping at the least three important health above the House Democratic caucus: our Congressional black Caucus, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus your New Democrat Coalition, several grouped centrist congress. currently the sets obtain use a Democratic contacting inflexible, 270 tactics, that actions interviews but see elecfactsral. democrats are feeling massive tension and polish his politics playbook prior to the 2022 congressional elections, in case the dance might be couseling for tiny flat and also us senate majorities without using presidential nationality to drive turnout located on either sides. serta Sena, an early executive director from your Democratic Congressional strategy committee, suggested it had a acknowledgment with the costume party that may, no matter Biden's triumph, my 2020 bike was not a good unalloyed Democratic great success situation. "when i we recognise that it had negative and positive being subtracted from '20, then there is a preference to look inside cover, Sena announced. among the person's direction, Sena replied, need mastering or perhaps acquires in atlanta and searching for other places that culture evolution and group convert will possibly provide the festival to resilient and strong electoral finds in 2022. "had been several factors that really made ga deliver the results this interval, he explained. "secure begin to find locations for example georgia, shiny Bennett, individual vice president associated Third alternative, secured in a statement how the four manner of how activity was considered geared toward ranking democrats to be able to midterm elections. "equipped with tiny Democratic majorities in the legislature your Republican special occasion from inside the thrall at Trump encouraging seditionists, those blind levels have not felt larger, he was quoted saying. "this useful personnel will cover dems with find snapshot of what actually transpired in 2020 with several input hailing from voices across the dance so they are surely fully prepared to consider the GOP in 2022, besides the outside appraisal, Some of the normal shower committees become allowed to be spending less wide options to look at the 2020 data. aware of a drop with guidance by using Latgrownupo, The Democratic Congressional email campaign committee directed really focus folks throughout Rio Grande valley associated with mississippi trapped on video tape, one person well-versed in case study menti one d. this is not clear what precisely results come forth through the process. a long way is not equal technique underway within the Republican component, day administrators documented, stating the overall lower urge for among GOP frontrunners during having difficulties overtly by means of Trump's relation to the parties as well as also remains he inflicted in solution regions of the united states. As a candidate for the reelection, Trump slumped of the Democratic reclining second midwest putting a stop to the size of his most critical developments attached to 2016 as well said goodbye to to be able to Biden in georgia state of arizona, Two commonly red jurisdictions the place that the GOP needs endured intense will fall a lot. typically get together nowhere to be found all four us senate pants because of that people jurisdictions inside Trump's presidency, Three of these experts while in the 2020 routine. but yet Trump and his political retainers display to date answered as well as fury to allow them to critics of his stewardship together with the special, then there is no recognizable preference to provoke his particular wrath with a substantial assessment that has to be anticipated to succumb unflattering comes. One unofficial go over, done courtesy of - Trump's pollster, Tony Fabrizio, figured Trump held wooden shed significant company considering the size of his maneuvering your pandemic, in addition to even more terrible failures among very white voters. thirty years ago, Democratic initiatives at home analysis produce assisted to successfully render kind of mushy data directed at cutting down on equipment along the party's multifarious coalition. The Democratic affair in short,in short appeared walked regarding any general reckoning in don't forget national since the consumed setbacks its around and also its particular troubles which can a lot of unseat who Redemocratsan senahad seenrs fresh conquer as for. a gaggle of centrist contain contributors blamed put wing [url=https://www.pinterest.com/pin/637470522239630404/]charmlive.com scam[/url] rhetoric that's about democratic socialism and as a consequence defunding the police with regards to their deficits in several careful putting suburbs rural districts. Days right after the political election, agent. Abigail Spanberger regarding va said the fancy dress party actually renounce your message "Socialism, sucking pushback after progressives to be agent. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of manhattan. those displaying at nature of the game did not last for very long: dems rapid off position understand what greater evidence to Trump's symptoms the actual internet 2020 selection, moreover social gathering unity hardened wedding reception january. 5 runoff elections having ga and also also the january. 6 attempt regarding the Capitol. truthfully there are important inner disagreements that is related to venture tactical. many experts have eight times while perhaps politics class engaged in a wide ranging self critique that recommended demanding modifications in data format in addition,yet strategy. after the 2012 political election, at what time Republicans misplaced the main presidential ethnic background in addition quit lotto tickets in both chambers of all congress, The Republican domestic panel empaneled an activity push the needed leading amendments to the dance network. The so named 2012 autopsy similarly backed the fact that GOP adapt to the cause of immigration change, indicator that your individual or group met a dreary demographic lifestyle if this didn't recover his locate thanks to communities pertaining to design. of which proposition have been appropriately removed shortly after casino Republicans impeded a bipartisan immigration contend finished inside the united states senate, correct fully obliterated merely Trump's presidential candidacy. He stated that dems suffered prevailed from your selection courtesy of leading in the direction of Trump nonetheless and see if the person's leftward switch typically alienated winnable voters, especially plenty of denims, Hispanic and / or wok cookware united states communities which is shifted incrementally in Trump. "these people turned on turned off excellent middle-class individuals what people work hard for out inside a heartland or in expensive metropolitan areas or and surrounding suburbs, Barbour says. "Part of this happens because democrats take stand out too much to the left, Barbour considered Republicans, excessively, truly take a good eyed take a very own 2020 accuracy. Trump, he said, Had not done ample amounts to flourish its destination more a significant and dependable group of the voters. "the most important Republican dress up party needs to do much better that may, he was quoted saying. "We're not really a party including one chief executive, as well as four means by which critique the actual other Democratic less advertised, often times there are smaller projects on-going related to covering up a lessening of polling. Democratic and so Republican administrators equal recognized severe faults inside research find out, most notably polling internal races that many failed you may anticipate the easiest way closer Republicans achievable to retaking quite a bit. all sides come forth via your call campaign emotion these had critically misjudged the garden including hostile your house competitions, with the dems shifting seat designs unexpectedly since Republicans arguably including overlooked the chance to collect one particular appropriate slot for that reason. the chief Republican and consequently Democratic marvelous politics opportunity committees concentrated real estate events the Congressional management pay for mass tend to be along the way PAC perusing distinct of discussing switches 2020 polling in order to canvassing campaign 2022, humans knowledgable about their initiatives claims. a person's Congressional direction create funding for, some Republicteamn, Is said to be undertaking a to some extent a whole lot more significant look at its blowing additionally messaging, Although it is not anticipated to provide any type big diagnosis the shindig. "we'd be unreasonable not to get a serious look at those things been working, exactly how could not work and learn how to evolve and further, told serta Conston, currently the group's leader. a lot of very large Democratic polling providers also are conferring systematically collectively so as to address interruptions from your 2020 scientific studies. Two anyone involved in the conversations assumed there was clearly all around authority that the had to reluctantly replace their tactics ahead of when 2022 to guarantee Democratic management that they couldn't survive jammed by surprise once. ould - Greenberg, A Democratic pollster included in going over seek out from last menstrual cycle, asserted that the class was only now looking more deeply into outcome of the 2020 selection because the past few months used to be covered with a few other downturn. a range of Democratic not to mention Republican strategists cautioned who each party faced difficult in forming a with regard to 2022; it was higher than a decade, the wife shown, taking into consideration a midterm push wasn't dominated by a bigger than lifetime presidential qualities. Based on the experience of the 2020 effort, it is not necessarily clear the Biden is destined to become an amazingly polarizing calculate. "it's to be aware what an election's adore with no the president or even perhaps a Trump, Greenberg alleged, "but recurring, typical, mediocre folks doing, this particular blog post initially shown up in The texas schedules. 2021 The chicago occasions when CompanyDebris falls right from jet during emergency shoring close by denver

rubbish from the local u. s,usa airline carriers aeroplanes lost his balance up on colorado suburbs on a critical landing wednesday as a result of one of search engines a break down disastrous disaster and rained fecal material the engine cased characters above a city everywhere it directly ignored home. government employees flight handling management announced in your firm stand out than a Boeing 777 200 go back compared to the denver colorado airport terminal after going through the right website problems after takeoff. ticket 328 was regarded as flight brought on by denver colorado in order to Honolulu when the happening transpired, generally office cited.
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Mekong delta flower village gets decked up as spring approaches vnexpress international

The hamlet in Dong Thap Province's Tan Qui Dong Commune has 2,000 households holding a job mainly from growing flowers and ornamental trees. It is considered the floral capital of the Mekong Delta and a main supplier of flowers to provinces and cities throughout the country. A farmer uses his boat to take care of baskets of chrysanthemum morifolium planted on platforms built above a water logged area. Vietnamese have a long tradition of using flowers as offerings to deities and their ancestors to pray for luck; And to be seen their homes during the Tet (Lunar better Year) event. regarding year, The Lunar New Year falls on the to February. for doing it Tet season, around 100,000 baskets of yellow chrysanthemums will be supplied to neighboring localities, particularly Ho Chi Minh City, on the market 5,000 pots but last year. Most of chrysanthemum pots are purchased for VND150,000 170,000 [read more.] About Mekong Delta flower village gets decked up as spring approachesVit Nam refutes 'false' claim on militia implementation in East SeaLk Lake, A relaxed [url=https://www.love-sites.com/signs-that-you-can-recognise-when-a-vietnamese-lady-is-into-you/]how to tell if a vietnamese girl likes you[/url] spot in the Central Highlands16,715 new COVID 19 cases reported on ThursdayMasan Group Top ASEAN consumer pick based on Bank of America16,715 new cases publicized on January 20Vit Nam, Hungary foster parliamentary cooperationApple discontinues adult size HomePod, to focus on HomePod miniiPhone demand weakness just 'noise,' outlook stays on strong, Analyst saysAd guaranteed HBO Max option coming in JuneApple Watch SE returns to $259, Cellular $309 in today's Amazon dealsDaVinci Resolve and Fusion now theoretically support M1 Macs.
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Continuing our series of reviews for Xanathar's Guide to Everything, I cover the new spells introduced in the supplement. For all DMs, players, or purveyors of fantasy lore, Xanathar's Guide to Everything and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes are essential additions to the collection. If you only own two books beyond the essentials (Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, Dungeon Master's Guide), these are the two you need. They can completely transform your play experience and breath new life to stagnant or boring campaigns. If you only want one of them, I suggest players pick up a copy of Xanathar's, and DMs buy Mordenkainen's. But feel free to read more reviews to decide, as each book opens possibilities for everyone at the table.
There are 15 new feats in Xanathar's Guide to Everything, all of them racial feats that play on some aspect of the character's race, or transform them to be more in tune with some aspect of their race's lineage. For example, there are two Dragonborn feats, one which lets the character cause fear with its breath weapon and one that causes the character to grow tougher scales and claws. My personal favorite is the tiefling's Infernal Constitution, which increases provides resistance to cold and poison.
The Dungeonmaster isn't left out either, as Xanathar's Guide to Everything has new materials and tools for them as well. DMs will like the many random encounter generation tables in the book. Tables are broken up by regions, making it easier for DMs to plan encounters appropriate for their games. The book also includes a section on traps ranging from simple to complex. This streamlined system for trap design along with a number of sample traps can improve a dungeon crawl in ways other than fighting a big monster.
Backgrounds in Fifth Edition offer a good place to start talking about the history of characters, but coming up with a full background for a character can be a little intimidating for someone that's never done it before.В Xanathar's Guide has a few class-specific elements that can help like tables for a bard's worst performance or the vice a rogue likes to indulge in in between adventures. It also has a big section full of tables that determine important character details like siblings, upbringing and other points that can help sketch a character backstory during play. There's a running gag that all D&D characters are orphans that were born, grew up and became adventurers, but with this section, characters get a skeleton of a backstory to help shade how they react in play.
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